Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Overwhelmed, but vacation is coming up!

As you know, I have been, and continue to be overwhelmed at work. A lot of hot items are in the mill and on the board and in my head. Stomps With Foot and I will be headed West to Abilene to "blow shit up" on Saturday, then it's back to the Hill Country to see the grandchildren. Bennett turns 3 this month, SWF has a birthday as well as Sweetie One.

As you can tell, I am overwhelmed. I have been - and will continue to be. I appreciate all my regular readers who drop by to check on me. Light posting ahead - duh! As if I have been having any heavy posting lately.

Will post photos of our excursions - the bluebonnets are blooming again, and the pistols will be firing next weekend. I am anxious to get out of town with SWF and just have some fun.