Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Alas, the Glock 30 is not for me

Stomps With Foot (SWF) and I arrived in Abilene, for our visit with Snake and Sandstorm, to winds gusting to 30 mph, and Lubbock, Texas blowing by. The only thing that stopped the wind was a chain-link fence or a barbed-wire fence, and we know how effective they are. Here is a photo of Snake's farm outside Buffalo Gap. Just imagine how effective the fence was as a windbreak.

Nonetheless deterred by the wind, Snake proceeded to take a few firearms from the car. Starting with the .22s for SWF and his lovely wife, codename: Sandstorm, to shoot. They started with pistolas. It was SWFs first time to even hold a weapon, much less shoot five different ones.

SWF receiving instructions from Snake on the proper handling of firearms.

"Come on you Cylon toasters!" SWF taunting the targets.

Snake had some .22 rifles as well, both lever action and semi-automatic weapons. SWF shot both!

SWF is armed! Yar!

Then Snake brought out the fun weapons, Glocks and a .44, along with a .357 Magnum. SWF shot the .357 and was amazed at how much more powerful it was.

I was blown away by the .44. I drew down on the target and pulled off a round. Ka-boom, and my arm was now pointing straight up! What a kick!

After a putting a scores of rounds through the Glock 30, I realized the "pinch" I was feeling was more than just a passing incident, and had nothing to do with how I was handling the gun.

There is a bit of space between the butt and the magazine that was compressing/decompressing with each shot, and it became obvious that the Glock 30 is not what I want to own. Here is the pinch point:

Damn, I so wanted that piece! but alas, as you can see in these two shots, it just wasn't meant to be and Snake said, "You're just not a Glock person." Yup, he was right. In this photo, you can see the blood-blister from the pinching:

Here is a close-up:

Also included in the fun day of blowing shit up was a 38-55 rifle that kicked my ass. With a 275 grain bullet, that bad boy left my shoulder with some bruising, but man, it was fun to shoot, so I continued to fire off rounds until the pain in my shoulder overcame my delight and I handed it off to Snake, who promptly finished off another 5-6 rounds without a flinch. He later told me he heard a "pop" in my shoulder when I first fired that bad boy. I had not only heard it, but felt it, ouch.

Here is Vanna White SWF showing off our two targets:

And a close-up of the 1" steel plates:

I am looking closer at the Sig P220R, Colt Commander and a Kimber, now. Where is the next gun show?