Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Original meme for the day

Here is one for all my fellow bloggers and readers. Take a picture of your refrigerator. You know the one, in my case it is a Wards Signature Avacado Green 1974 (still ticking, although held together in some places with duct tape and Velcro) and post it on your blog. Mine now has some new artwork, created by yours truly and a .45 at 20 yarrrrds, two clips, rapid fire. Damn thing was shooting low and to the left, and yeah, I missed a couple of times.

In the upper left you will see Stomps With Foot and our two sons. The tallest of the two is now 29, and my hippie-chick wife is looking at my now 27-year-old. Note that his naked body was put into a Speed-O by his grandmother and a ball-point pen. Also note Stomps with Foot on the right. She is in front of the U2 wall outside their studio in Dublin, taken back in 2001. Man, those were the daze. At the top center is a postcard of St. Basil's in Red Square, sent by Sweetie One when she was recruiting students for Schlitterbahn a couple of years ago.

Today finds Sweetie one in Bogata, Columbia, still recruiting.

The thing about refrigerator art is that it really describes who you are, what you like and that, of which, you need to be reminded.

They don't make them like this one anymore.

Tag, you are it! Leave a comment for us to find your refrigerator art.