Saturday, March 11, 2006

O Canada ...

This morning I am in Buffalo, NY, on my way to Ontario for a shoot. Yeah, I've been telling ya how crazy things have been these past few months. This was one of those crazy things. 1. CEO is "hot to trot" for the perfect images; 2. I can do that. 3. I sit here, after flying about 3 hours out of Dallas. It's cold - just above freezing, and today promises to be an "OK" day, weatherwise. Tomorrow it's supposed to rain so we will be in gun-and-run mode for the next eight hours. Oh, and what I am shooting is an indoor waterpark with a retractable roof that we are going to be putting on the ground near Tyler, Texas.

Flew up seated next to an nice guy that is a copyright attorney. I whipped out my iPod Video and his jaw dropped. While I was watching Lord of War, with Nicolas Cage, he was bringing out his ultra-crappy Rio (circa last century) and drooling on my encasing Otterbox that just happens to be waterproof (to an amazing three feet). He was heading back to Buffalo after a vacation in Cabo and just shook his head in amazement when I let him hold it, and navigate with it. "It's all about the interface, the design, the way it works just like you think it should and, yes, Virginia, it holds a butt-load of music, photos, music videos and full-length movies.

Techno-envy! Ha! Love it! Everytime someone sees my iPod Video they surely run to the nearest Apple Store, or logon to buy their own. I am probably personally responsible for 15 sales of both iPods and Macintosh's this year alone!

Yar! There should be some kind of referral booty buried for me to unearth.