Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Another shitty day in paradise

I snapped, yesterday. Totally lost it. No excuses, other than being under a tremendous amount of stress for the past 4 months, with few weekends off and an Idiotic Executive Design Committee that just doesn't quite "get it." Stomps With Foot is rightly concerned. After returning from Ontario on Sunday, and having a small gathering for my #1 son's 29th birthday I was watching TV and SWF politely asked me to turn down the TV. I turned it off. Sat quietly for a few minutes and went to bed … at 5 p.m. DID I MENTION IT WAS 5 P.M.?


Yesterday, Bradzilla came by with our shot list for our meeting with the IEDC and after the meeting the IEDC wanted to review the 500 photos my Shooter and I took in Ontario. There was a series that I had shot with the motor drive and Bradzilla said, "Man, that would look great as a series." Ya think? Duh? Of course, since he verbalized it, the IEDC thought he was a genius and it was his idea. I looked straight at the screen and told them that the reason I shot it that way was to include it in a series. But the damage had been done.

They then proceeded to invite Bradzilla to review our work on the now infamous Gallery. So off we went to the conference room where Desdemona was showing her latest handiwork and the head of the IEDC asked Bradzilla what his hourly rate was. I told him that he wasn't charging us. Bradzilla is smart and the replied that he knew nothing about what we were doing.

We returned to the art department and I told Bradzilla to sit down and finish "his idea," took off my jacket and threw it on the floor. If there had been a brick lying about I would have thrown it through the window. I snapped; yelled, and went to my conference area to bury my head in my hands.

Bradzilla was aghast and apologized. He knew what he had done, he just didn't think anything about it and normally, neither would I. I apologized for my inexcusable behavior. No let up in sight. I continue to do what must be done to meet incredibly stupid deadlines with limited resources.

SWF suggested I quit. I told her that I needed to focus, not to think about quitting. I love my profession, I love the people I work with, I just need a vacation. Maybe in April I can get away with her for some much needed R&R.

Life goes on, bra … la la how the life goes on.