Sunday, March 26, 2006

Abilene and blowing shit up in 2 weeks

Stomps With Foot (SWF) and I are going to go visit her cousin and her husband, Snake, to blow shit up in a couple of weeks. Snake has been visiting innumerable gun ranges to pluck the fresh brass (.45) from the ground for his reloads. Hell, he probably has a couple of thousand rounds by now for us to use. SWF will, hopefully, join us for some gun-range (or dry creekbed) shooting so she will get over her inate hatred of weaponry. Seems I want to buy (yet again) a pistola and obtain my concealed weapon license (currently scheduled for June 10th or so) and she is still resisting my persuasive arguments FOR the 2nd Amendment. Sheesh.

I was looking for the Sig Sauer 2340 Nitron on their website and it is nowhere to be found. Now I must decide which weapon to buy, but will first shoot anything I can get my hands on. Red Spectrum, my brother-in-law, is insisting I come down to Houston for a gun show next summer and his advice is much the same as El Capitan's, "Find something you like, are comfortable with and will use!"

Ah, so many pistols, so little time. Any suggestions? My budget is around $1,000, although I can hear SWF screaming about how that is "not in the budget." Well, it's my budget too! This is not an obsession with firearms, it's more like I enjoy it! I like the way this one looks.

Now to find a Sig P220R to try out.