Saturday, February 18, 2006

A little known Veteran's Memorial Park

Over in the sleepy town of Hawkins, Texas, (north of Tyler) there is a man who restores aircraft. About six years ago I was en route to one of our resorts and noticed his hanger-like workshop on the main road north. I stopped by and he was restoring George Bush's WWII plane for display at the Bush Library at Texas A&M University. I was dumbfounded. As I am looking through the hundreds of photos I took a couple of weeks ago, I came across these.



This man restored a Cobra Gunship and made it the centerpiece of the Veteran's Memorial Park. I must say, that this is truly a work of art, both from the technological standpoint and from the finish-out replete with pilot and RIO, who sits amidship behind and above the pilot.

Must get back to work on these damn photos, but I wanted to share these, and remind myself to do some research on this man and his passion.

Thanks to Rockhauler for properly identifying the Cobra!