Friday, December 09, 2005

Wurstfest doings 11/4-11/14/2005

Stomps With Foot and I played host/hostess during the 10-day celebration of the sausage at Wurstfest in New Braunfels, to my youngest sister, codename: Rango, and her husband, codename: Red Spectrum. They have been interested in buying some property in the Hill Country and we had the incredible luck of arriving simultaneously at the designated location. They are from Dickinson, located between Houston and Galveston. We drove to Mystic Shores for an appointment they had with one of the "snake-oil salesmen" who told us they had some lots, the cheapest of which was $250,000.00. Right!

We laughed to ourselves, and while we drove the property (being led by the salesman) they stopped to look at the parcel. While Red Spectrum surveyed the land on foot, Rango called a man in Kerrville to make an appointment to see 7.5 acres for $25,000 (or so, I forget stuff). Red Spectrum pointed the salesman's attention to Rango, who was sitting in their car, and let him know that she was closing a deal on the Kerrville property. Well, as if by magic, the salesman pulled some cheaper parcels out of his ass, and suggested they go look at it. Red Spectrum kicked the dirt and said, "She's closing the deal now, so, no thanks."

With that, we left and returned to the Hill Country Resort for Bloody Mary's and some dinner. The next day we drove to Kerrville, about 2 hours away, and went via Johnson City and Fredricksburg. It was a great day for a drive, and we finally located the 7.5 acre parcel they had been looking for. Alas, it was pretty much a "waller" (coloquial for "wallow") and they nixed that idea. They had arranged to see some property in Wimberly on Sunday, and departed early for the appointment with the real estate agent. They came, they saw and they left!

Stomps with foot and I then turn our attention to the Good Ship Sycamore, our rental property in New Braunfels. She needed some repairs to her hull, and we were very fortunate to hook-up with a great contractor who handled the situation in record time. In fact, my grandson was born while I was overseeing the hull repair!

Friday evening we then hosted her cousin, codename: Ess, and her husband, codename: Snake. Saturday, while the ladies enjoyed a "spa" day at our favorite salon in New Braunfels - The William Edge Salon - Snake and I headed for the gun range.

We blew up a lot of shit, especially .45 ACP ammo. I made some new art for the refrigerator at home - my target from 25 yards. Not bad for a pirate. Nice tight patterns around the bullseye, and a couple that missed the target entirely. Yar!

We had a great time for 10 daze in the Hill Country, visiting with daughter, SweetieOne and Duffer - and the two granddaughters. Then it was back to Dallas to get ready for Thanksgiving.

Did I mention that we didn't even go to the Wurstfest celebration? Guess we had other things to do that were more important.