Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Buy New Car Light Came On Again, so …

I haven't had a car payment for two years. Now the Exploder is getting on in age, and a bit long of tooth, so I am biting the big one for this bad boy. They call it Dark Cherry Clearcoat, it's a 2006 Ford Exploder Eddie Bauer Edition. Sheesh, my first house cost $10,000 less than this bad boy. Damn. After much angst, Stomps With Foot and I decided to give my son, Codename: Tyrone, my 1998 Exploder with 143,000 miles on it. It's a great car and has been carefully and lovingly cared for over the past seven years.

This is the interior. Mine is sans GPS. Sheesh, they only wanted $4,000 for the damn GPS. I can always get a map for a lot less!

Yar. We pick her up at the pier tomorrow, Thursday, Dec. 15. Woot!

Now, I must think of a name for her, something fitting for a pirate. Any suggestions would be appreciated, and if'n ye win this contest, I'll personally be givin' ye a ride in her and some surprise booty as well.

Something like, The Black Pearl, perhaps?

Hmmmm, The Red-winged Falcon. Need some help here, matey's.