Friday, December 09, 2005

Almost 2 months since my last post, damn.

Much has been taking up my time lately, and I have been remiss in sharing with my blog readers, for which I apologize.

I will make it up to you, as well as myself, by trying to take things chronologically.

Murray Wayne Bennett, my first grandson, arrived November 10th. Son of my son - codename: Tyrone, and the love of his life, codename: SweetCee.

Stomps With Foot and I were in New Braunfels at the time, and there was a bit of guilt experienced by us both for not being in Dallas to support Tyrone and SweetCee during this incredible miracle. My eldest son, codename: Jaeger and his wife were there for them though, which I appreciated more than they know.

Ah, that new-baby smell … (Sniff, sniff, sniff)

Not wanting to diminish the beauty and importance of this event, I will catch you up on the next "happening," in my next post.