Monday, October 17, 2005

Idiot lights and electrical tape.

As SWF and I were travelling to Ft. Worth this weekend, I notice the "idiot light" on my dashboard is reading:

Well, OK, my '98 Ford Exploder just rolled over 140,000 miles. Maybe it's just the fact that it rolled over that I need to have it "diagnosed" for $75 and whatever is causing the problem will be rectified with a $30 part PLUS $580 for labor. You know the bottom line of these types of warning signs.

But the more I looked at that idiot light I found it to be changing before my eyes into:

Don't need the SUV anymore, really. The kids are all grown and there's got to be a car out there with better mileage. Sheesh, I hate this part; a new car today costs more than my first home (back in the '70s).

My friend, Shooter, has a solution for these types of problems. Grab some electrical tape, and cover the offending idiot light.

Hmmmm. Something to think about besides a $30,000+ replacement vehicle. Electrical tape is really really cheap, and I have plenty at home.