Monday, September 19, 2005

They call it, "Lunacy."

Texas settlers dreaded the full moon of September — and with just cause. It was the Comanche Moon. Raiding parties rode hard at night, using the bright sky, mild weather and lush grass as they swept across Texas prairies during annual sorties into Mexico. The settlements went on high alert and civilian travel was held to a minimum. It was not a good time to be outdoors. Fast forward to yesterday, if you were a car, parked in front of my home, it was not a good day to be outdoors when the Comanches came to my house during an early morning raid.

They call it "lunacy" for a reason, and the Comanche Moon should've been a harbinger of the fate that would befall us. It was a Comanche Moon yesterday, and the lunatics were out. Sweetie One and Duffer, brought the grandchildren to visit for the weekend. My youngest son, codename: Tyrone, and his fiancée were having a couples shower on Sunday afternoon, which they drove up to attended.

The "lunacy" preceeded the party, however, and occurred about 10:15 a.m. when Stomps With Foot (who, by the way is not Comanche) was sitting in the backyard when she heard the crunch of metal and the squeal of tires - the unmistakable sounds of a car, driven by someone without a license or insurance, impacting one of our cars. She leapt up and ran to the back gate of the driveway to see three young Hispanic men stagger from their car directly in front of the house; where my eldest son's (codename: Jaeger) car, his truck, and Sweetie One's car were parked three-in-a-row, with eldest son's car in front. SWF came running into the house shouting, "Come out in the front, quickly!"

Upon viewing and assessing the situation, I see a local yard-man standing on the sidewalk. He is Hispanic too, but speaks English and said he had witnessed the crash. He offered to be our translator and, if we needed him, he would be happy to give a statement to the police. I asked him to ask them if they were okay and they said they were. But they were all sitting on the curb with their heads in their hands. Dazed but okay, their POS car totally trashed and leaking radiator fluid all over the street.

These three youngsters, they couldn't have been more than 18-years-old, smashed into Jaeger's car, folding it's right wheel in and pushing it up on the curb. He was asleep at the time and was in for a rude awakening!

After ensuring they weren't hurt (just dazed) we took photos of the damage, while one of the kids ran home (about a block away - to my dismay) to get his English-speaking cousin. Cousin Gilberto arrived to assure us that he would pay for all the damages, "No problemo!"

Duffer went inside to get them all some bottled water (that was very nice of him, I never even thought of doing that). SWF then phoned the police, who arrived to assess the situation, make out the incident report and finally, handcuff he driver. His cousin Gilberto (a much older man) asked the officer, "Why you do that, why you arrest heem?" To which the officer said, "No licensio, no insurancio, he's going to jailio!"

It was all I could do not to bust a gut laughing. It was pretty sad, after all. Young kid, no license, no insurance, probably in the country illegally, now on his way to the calaboose. But, after all, if I have to have insurance and a license, so should everyone else on the road.

Tell me again, cousin Gilberto, how you are going to come up with the 3-4 grand it will take to repair the car? Nevermind, Jaeger has insurance, and he is a licensed driver, so he will get to deal with that. Bummer for him and his bride, but they handled it well.

The Comanche Moon, I should've known.