Thursday, September 22, 2005

Hello McFly!

Seems George McFly Governor Perry needs a jolt of 1.21 Jigawatts to get his head out of his ass. Or else we need to get Biff to knock some sense into him.

Brother Gogo and his family left Seabrook at 15:15 hours yesterday, and at 02:15 hours this morning, had made it to Cleveland, Texas. That's 68 miles in 11 hours. Not very far and not very fast. Here, take a look at this map.

Notice he is east of Conroe, Texas. Contrast that distance to his normal travel route. Find Conroe on this map and you will see how far they got last night.

By the looks of things, Hurricane Rita will make landfall before he gets to Dallas, only 281 miles away and normally a 4.5 hour drive.

Cell phones are not working - Slammed. Landlines are spotty at best - Slammed.

He finally contacted us by phone at 22:00, after trying repeatedly to get a call through via cell phone for 45-minutes straight. Stomps With Foot was able to book him into a no-tell motel for the night by doing some internet magic. He told us this morning that he was offered $1,000 for the room by someone who had more money than sense. So they should be able to complete the drive to Dallas sometime today.

I say, "sometime today," because there is no telling how long it will take him to make the normal 4.5 hour drive of 281 miles. He was able to advance 20 miles in 2 hours at the beginning of his exodus from Seabrook, inland. It got worse after that.

Then I hear on the radio this morning that our moronic governor has asked all Texans to avoid using the phone unless it is an EMERGENCY!

WTF? This IS AN EMERGENCY you moronic fucktard. Get a clue Governor Clueless, this mass exodus of millions of Texans from the Gulf Coast IS AN EMERGENCY.

Wait, you mean you don't really have a plan for an emergency? Oh, you have a plan, but it doesn't work?

We can't even handle the telephone traffic. Doesn't it make sense that people will need to communicate in an EMERGENCY?. Don't we have some kind of plan other than asking people to limit their phone calls? Oh, I see; we don't.

It's time to take back Texas, my fellow Texans. Take her back from the brain-dead politicians. Think about NOT voting in the Texas primaries, and vote for Kinky.

This is insane, and yet this is what we have gotten ourselves into by allowing the status quo to prevail in times when smart people need to be doing smart things; like 4 years ago they should've been doing some, oh, I don't know - PLANNING?

Hello McFly! Anyone in there?