Monday, September 26, 2005

Get it done

Brother Gogo and his family finally made it to Dallas from south of Houston (Seabrook) after spending 47 hours on the road, the lovely and talented Stomps With Foot fired off a letter to Senator Cornyn. She is dead on! She has an even better idea, that she did not spell out for the good Senator from Texas, but I will share it with you after your read her missive:

Stomps With Foot

September 25, 2005
Dear Senator Cornyn,

Good grief, I've looked all over the TxDot and Dept. of Transportation websites and did not see any plans to either widen I-35 or I-45 from Dallas to Austin/San Antonio or Houston. Weren't these 2-lane (occasionally 3-lane) highways built in the 1950's? It's amazing that our highways have not kept up with the number of cars on them.

I didn't see any plans for any additional new North-South highways to be built either. Does the current evacuation from Hurricane Rita wake up anybody in the state or federal government that we are in dire need ot more highways? Traffic from Dallas to Austin or Houston has been bumper to bumper for about 8 - 10 years now.

The federal government should be helping more with funding to expand or add Texas highways. Where are our representatives who are supposed to be looking our for us. Congress found plenty of money to send to Alaska for some pretty lame, unnecessary and frivilous projects (my opinion) and to study the brown snake in Guam.

Somebody help us - we NEED this - it's a necessity now. Make a trade - we'll continue to send oil from Texas refineries in exchange for more highways - after all, it's the rest of America we're got to get the oil delivered to.

I've been reading about all the items that Congressmen add onto important bills (Alaska has got to be the worst) and it is so frustrating. The pork belly/pork barrel items have got to stop. I am serious when I entertain the idea of outlawing lobbyists and pac funds! How did this even come to be - I can't imagine our forefathers envisioned this being allowed.

I would like to suggest a very radical idea - that a bill being introduced and voted on can only contain one item - no add-ons allowed. Each subject needing monetary appropriations has to be a separate bill. Can a bill be introduced to make that a law? I'm no great scholar, but I can hope America's founders intended that the peoples' representatives be accountable for what they spend from taxpayers' dollars. I pay more and more in taxes and I don't feel like I have a say in where it goes.

I have noted that you, sir, are able to bump people from their forward seats on Southwest Airlines (my husband and myself) and have restaurants open their doors early for you in Dallas. The people of Texas aren't asking for special treatment like that - just necessities, like more highways. Thank you.


Stomps With Foot

When brother and his family headed back to Seabrook Saturday morning - we tried to find out about the road conditions and the availability of gasoline on the way. NO ONE HAD A CLUE. Not the Texas Department of Transportation, the Texas Highway Patrol, no one. So why don't we have a statewide radio station that gives traffic reports, emergency response information, gasoline locations, the list would be considerably long and be broadcast statewide. Maybe they section off this Great Republic and have a different frequency for each section. NOAA Weather Radio does that. Why can't the state.

People headed back to Houston on Saturday, during the storm which passed east of I-45. Waaaaay before Gollum, the evil mayor of Houston, said to for residents to come back in sections. Right. Everyone will listen to him, kind of like they really listened to Governor Perry when he re-inforced the suggestion. Why weren't people advised of this during the evacuation - do it in stages? I will tell you, we have no real leadership on the Federal, State, or Local levels.

El Capitan suggests that Monday morning quarterbacks should STFU. My take on this is that our guvmint should know what is entailed in an emergency evacuation and I disagree. We should have had some "practice" before the big game, Cap. Sure it's a huge undertaking, but just how are the billions of dollars for Homeland Security (insert guffaw here) being spent? Not on gasoline tanker trucks, or bus inspectors, that's for sure, and definitely not on expanding our highways to handle an "unprecedented" evacuation. The guvmint did a fine job. Just ask the folks who ran out of gas, had their cars towed and impounded and will now have to pay mucho dinero to redeem them. Just ask the people - this is supposed to be a government "For, of and by the people," isn't it?

Spin it Gollum, Spin it Perry, Spin it Dubyah. We can see right through your inadequate attempts to hold back the flood of criticism. Penn is speaking directly to those bureaucrats who are patting themselves on the back for such a fine job they did(n't do). Here he is now, with his message: