Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Fairy tales of security

This photo pretty much sums up how I feel this week in the aftermath of Hurricane Rita, and felt last week, and the week before that, and the week before that when Hurricane Katerina slammed the Gulf Coast and it became clear that what I had once believed, was nothing but a fairy tale.

Like Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny, Homeland InSecurity just wasn't and isn't one of those things that are real. The money our govmint has thrown away at it was and is real. It's my money, it's your money and which rabbit hole it disappeared into is the question of the year.

I am all about accountability. Our guvmint's spin on their failure to act promptly and decisively during these critical times has set my head spinning. Yes, it is unprecedented, and if they think I buy that as a reason for failing the citizens of this nation they are wrong. Dead wrong. I feel like Linda Blair with my head rotating 360-degrees. It's time to exorcise the beast.

Letters have and will be written to my representatives. I suggest you do the same.

Hold the "slamming," and demand accountability. We need to learn from these hard lessons of man versus Mother Nature.

El Capitan was right, it was, all-in-all a successful evacuation of 2.7 million people from the Houston/Gulf Coast area ahead of Hurricane Rita. We need to learn from it and Governor Perry is working to do just that.

God Save The Republic.