Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Doing something that makes a difference

Stomps With Foot and I were busy over the weekend. We were disgusted with the response to the relief effort for the City of New Orleans, and even more disgusted that all the Red Cross wanted was money. Nope, we don't need your steenkin' clothes, shoes, toiletries, personal items, baby strollers, we jus' want yer money.

Really?! That's kind of bizarre, considering that there are now more than 17,000 folks holed-up at Reunion Arena and various locations around the city. So Stomps With Foot does some quick research and we find a Baptist Church that is accepting "anything and everything." We jumped on it. Cleaned out my closet by taking everything that no longer fit me to those that did but I hadn't worn for a year. It amazed me that there was so much there that was not being used. And shoes too, man, there were some pretty hammered tennis shoes in the bottom of my closet and Stomps With Foot commented that maybe she should wash them first, or just throw them away. I smiled at her (I did that a lot this Labor Day Holiday) and said that if I were barefooted and had a choice, I would wear them. So into the sack they went, right along with my "desert boots" with a big splotch of blood (now a black splotch) from a buck my boys and I field dressed in Mississippi years ago. Kind of like a badge of honor, but off they went into the donation sack.

Stomps With Foot and I loaded up the Exploder and went in search of the church. I, for some reason, took a back road and no more than a couple of miles from home we find a different Baptist church. I am not a Baptist, but I really admire their Baptist Men that get their asses out on the road to tsunami's and hurricane relief before FEMA is even aware that maybe, perhaps, they should possibly be thinking about doing something, sometime.

We pulled up and were surrounded by helpful young hands, boys and girls, teenagers, and parental units. They took it all from us and promptly layed it out in the church gymnasium to be sorted and loaded on the truck that was leaving that night. They took two truckloads, then went to Sam's to top each one off and away they went.

I felt better, probably gave away $1,000.00 or more in goods, shoes, clothes, suits, et cetera. Stomps With Foot felt better too, and not just because I accomplished something on my "honey do" list (clearing closet of old clothes), but because we found what we had been looking for – a group of people who are the change they want to see in the world.