Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Daaaa-Yum! A Texan Abroad

I visited me quartermaster's blog this morning, Kurt at A Trainwreck in Maxwell. He has added some new (to me) blogs to his blogroll and I was struck by the intensity of one - A Texan Abroad. After duly checking out her postings and her profile, I must say, she is a Texan, head-to-toe; an expatriate living in Italy and the spouse of a member of our armed forces. God bless their family, and their family's families.

I know how hard 'tis ta be a military spouse. Stomps With Foot knows even better than I, and with three young-uns under their arms, I know they will be happy to return to the Great Republic of Texas. I encourage you to visit her site, she is wise beyond her yeArrrs!

She now has a place of honor on my blogroll. Visit her often, she offers an insight not often found in someone of her tender young age.