Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Lead turds in the Ponchatrain

I have been thinking about Dallas and N'awlins, and this came to mind. I think Dallas' mayor could use one of these. Maybe she should use the Skull Turd template. Click the image below, read all about it, and come on back for the rest of this missive.

It's a bright, sunny day here in Big D. Not so in N'awlins. Whether or not the sun is shining, I heard this morning that residents of the Big Easy are being told not to even think of returning home to what used to be their homes, until next week. Right. Many of those folks will be doing good to scrape up enough cash for the gasoline to return, much less motel/hotel money for the next seven days. A levee broke through and flooded even more of the city right after Katrina passed through. Sure, the Corps of Engineers has contingency plans for levee breakthroughs, but that will take time, a lot more time than a week.

I suggest we send donations to reputable charitable organizations. Wait, we should be receiving world-wide relief grants shouldn't we? After all, this was like the tsunami wasn't it? I am not holding my breath for that, but it does make one reflect on how it seems we are stuck in a one-way situation. If a disaster occurs somewhere else on the globe, we are the ones that "hop to it," to send relief, in whatever form. Where is the reciprocity? Ingrates.

Stomps With Foot asked me what the government would be doing for the Louisiana/Mississippi areas that were stricken. I said President Bush should ask his brother, Jeb, just what the government did for Florida after the many many hurricanes that damaged their state. How timely was it? Not very. How many folks who really needed the help got it in a hurry? Not many. How many are still hurting? Most of them.

Makes you wonder, especially since El Presidenté made an unprecedented plea for the residents of the area to evacuate and promised them all the moon.

Insurance adjustors will be descending in droves – probably starting at sunrise this morning. But who are they going to write a check to when there are no residents in their flooded homes, and all were told not to return for at least a week? Do you think the U.S. Postal Service will deliver those checks? Do you think many mailboxes withstood the hurricane? Do you think folks even thought about filing a "Change of Address" form before they evacuated?

This is where the Red Cross, NGOs and the Salvation Army come in. They are there, on the ground, ready willing and able to assist the "refugees" from Hurricane Katrina. Refugees? sounds kind of inane, but that is what the mainstream media is calling them.

They might now better be tagged with the name, homeless. They stop coming to Dallas, because Mayor Laura Miller is proposing that folks who give money to "panhandlers" be ticketed – instead of the homeless panhandlers. As if she has any idea that her idea will sink like a lead turd in the Ponchatrain. Maybe she should use the Spaghetti Turd template to feed them, after all, charity begins at home.

Just thinking about how this all ties together. Now flush twice, we don't want any floaters in Dallas, there are plenty in N'awlins this week.