Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Hot Hot Hot

It's August 24th, and it's that time, during our solar orbit, that Dallas is only a block away from the sun. Here is what my Weather Widget says our forecast is for the next six days. (Yes, I use a real computer with a kick-ass operating system, don't you?)

Mr. Sun has been blasting away at us for a week or so with 100℉+ weather and there is no relief in sight. Rain? I forgot what that is. I vaguely remember something wet falling from the sky a few weeks ago. Funny thing is that when there is a heat wave in Europe, all kinds of people perish from the heat. Here in Dallas, and across the Southwestern United States, we have a nifty invention called air conditioning.

Now, I know my ancestors who braved the wilderness in the 1700s and 1800s, even in the 1900s didn't have air conditioning. Man, how did they do it? I mean, surviving cross-country wagon trains without an air conditioner makes me very thankful that I live in America, where smart people make smart things.

I think I need another boat drink. Since today is my sister's birthday, I think I will have two.