Monday, August 22, 2005

The age of happiness

On August 4th, Stomps With Foot had been officially "retired" for one year - after 15 years with Brinker. You know them, they own Chili's, Macaronni Grill, and other restaurants.

It has been truly wonderful that she has retired from working for a living. Now she spends her time taking care of her dad, who has Alzheimer's Disease, dealing with the nursing home, taking care of her brother's needs and generally doing the needful. The most wonderful part, however, is that she is happy.

Happiness is all I ever wanted for her/us. And we have truly been blessed. If you think about it, being married to my bride of 35 years is a fantastic achievement for both of us. We have three wonderful children and two granddaughters. Wow. A grandson is also on his way - due in November.

And so the wheel of life goes round and round.

What got me thinking about this was an AARP invitation. Sheesh. I have been getting their mail pieces since I turned 50 back in '99. To imagine myself as "retired" just doesn't work. In 10 years I will be 65. Will I retire at 65? I doubt it. But it is something to ponder, since it inevitably will occur.

Just hanging around the poop deck, fixin' boat drinks and listening to island songs. Ah … paradise … playing Ghost Recon in my spare time - which would be all the time!


Oh, and I was right twice yesterday, within 60-seconds of each event. I think that is a record. SWF agreed it was.