Friday, July 01, 2005

Will you help a brother out?

My friend and comrade-at-arms, Peter Williams, is back in London after helping with the tsunami relief (and much more) in Aceh province. He has a contract for an additional six months that pays him a whopping $218 a month - barely enough to pay for his rent and meals.

I encourage everyone to click his photo and be directed to the website he has constructed and maintains for IDEP, the NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) that he will be returning to. He has given me permission to publish this address so everyone can see what he has been up to. Peter spent his own money to get there as quickly as possible, after the tsunami last December. He spent 40 days working directly in Aceh, and the remainder of the time (some five months) in Indonesia working on the Sustainable Village Development Training program as well as the responsibilities below.

He leaves London on July 17th, so time is of the essence. Peter and the people of Aceh will thank you for your support. Reach into your hearts and pull some cash out of your pockets - any amount will help, even $10.

Send whatever you can (probably safe to send cash) or you can just send a check or money order to:

Peter Williams
1-4 Hollybush Place
London E2 9QX

Even though the pound is kicking our USA dollar in the ass, send something, please.

Here is what he will be doing:

IDEP Foundation is looking (they found him) for an experienced media officer to join its Aceh Programs team. The position will based in Aceh, and will rotate between IDEP’s Program areas based on a work plan formulated by the Programs managers and Programs Coordinator.

The responsibilities are as follows:

Create, maintain and develop web material to be used for PR and Fundraising purposes at IDEP Foundation for all IDEP’s Aceh programs including:
• Sustainable Villages Project, Lamsujen village, Lhoong
• Samatiga Community Development Project, Samatiga, Meulaboh
• CBCR (Community-Based Crisis Response) program
• Integrate web material into existing IDEP website
• Train 3 local staff people in each area in proper maintenance, management and updating of web site, photography, and infrastructure support
• Assess and coordinate IT infrastructure and media support needs in the field

This is what it means to be humanitarian. Leave the comfort of your flat in London, buy another ticket for Indonesia, sell all your stuff for living expenses, and help those who can least help themselves.

Bon Voyage, my friend. We will check your site often. And hopefully the post will bring you some help. "We get by with a little help from our friends." – The Beatles. "And, in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make." – John Lennon. Spread some love.

Readers … Will you help a brother out?