Thursday, July 28, 2005

Just a thought

"Glass, china and reputation are easily cracked and never mended well." – Benjamin Franklin

If you've weathered many economic cycles, you realize that careers often take unexpected turns. As business fluctuates, so do job opportunities. What doesn't change as readily, however, is one's professional reputation. People may be nimble when adapting to market needs, but they aren't as quick to modify the personal impressions they form.

The permanence of a career lies in reputation. Within the tightly knit creative community, this is particularly true. You may switch jobs multiple times, but your reputation has staying power. I am reminded of a phrase from a Jimmy Buffett song, "I heard I was in town." Sometimes, my reputation in the creative community preceeds me.

Reputations can open doors for us – or slam them shut. While your actions may feel like small chapters in your career, they can often affect your whole professional story.

Just a thought.