Friday, July 01, 2005

I have got to get me one of these!

My son, my son, codename: Jaeger sent this to me and it blew me away. I have always wanted a flying car but it looks like my chances of owning one of these babies is much better. Of course, I would need the additional billion dollars or so to keep her maintained by a crew of swarthy fembots and the tanker for in-flight refueling, but it shouldn't be much more than that. Even if JP5 fuel prices go up, I could budget.

It's a photo of a Tornado, and what a whirlwind ride that must be.

As the Tornado fighter bomber pulls up, while moving at high speed, it causes a stall (a transient high-speed stall). The impending drop in air pressure around the wings causes the moisture in the air to condense and, in effect, form instant clouds.

Jet fighters breaking the sound barrier, particularly when over water, often cause the same effect. There is a photo of one at the DalWorth FBO here at Love Field that has the water flying about 100 feet into the air as the jet's wake strikes it while flying about 10 feet above the surface. Awesome shot.

In the case of the Tornado, the condition is enhanced by the swing wings automatically moving to adjust for the stall condition.

Let's saddle up and ride this Palomino!