Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Collective cannon fire

El Capitan recently posted about the flap-du-jour rumbling between the good Lord Spatula and the Reverend Myker. I read it with great interest because I know Lord Spatula and the venom between the two was immediately apparent. Then I was dumbstruck to find a photo from the Texas Blogfest that I had taken, probably with Denita Two Dragons' camera (or maybe it was LC Beth's camera, I forget stuff).

The Reverend used the photo to make a point (several actually) and I suppose anything that is on the web is fair game, with or without a copyright, although common-law copyright prevails.

This volley between Lord Spatula and the Reverend, was, IMHO, a vile spewing which brings insight into both personalities. I have never used my blog as a place to demean anyone in particular. In fact, I find it to be more important to use it as a reminder of what was important to me at any particular moment – more of a personal journal than a platform for ideological attacks. Not being elitist or anything, everyone has a right to express their opinions in whatever fashion they deem best.

Methinks life is too short to be mean and having fought for the freedoms you enjoy, I know it is too precious to waste. The Good Lord makes some interesting folks, doesn't he? And Lord Spatula and the Reverend make some interesting points.