Tuesday, June 07, 2005

This just in …

I am so FOR the de-wussification of Texas. Here is the latest from my favorite gubernatorial (he said goober) candidate!

Dear Kinky People of Texas and the world,

We've been posting this drawing for the last couple days to let you in on a little secret, a secret weapon, that is. 

Since even Kinky can't be in two places at once, we're building a surrogate to travel the state. This little trailer will represent all the "little fellers" of Texas, all the small towns that the fat cats ignore, and an independent spirit that will not be denied. We're asking you to help us put it on the road. Click here to contribute

The drawing is by Bob "Daddy-O" Wade, one of Texas' most renowned and sought after artists, the man who put a giant iguana on the roof of the Lone Star Cafe and dancing frogs atop Carl's Corner, and it depicts his design for a new secret weapon for our glorious campaign.

We need your help building it. Daddy-o has, of course, waived his fee, but we must bring in skilled artisans to make this a reality. This buggy is scheduled to travel at least 50,000 miles over the next 17 months, through every city, town, burg and truck stop in Texas. It will carry the campaign swag, the volunteers and the Kinky message throughout every region of our great state.

It will be a TV star, a press darling and an ambassador of choice, independence and peace. It will be Kinky's surrogate. When he is shacked up at Echo Hill, working through the programs that will make this Lone Star shine again, our little podner here will be driving through places like Big Sandy, Mineral Wells and Pecos, Texas. It will bring joy and wisdom to all Texans everywhere.

We need about $12,000 to make this a reality. There are over 15,000 Kinky of you out there now, all pledged or volunteered for this campaign, and we need each of you to make another small commitment. If each of you sends us even a few bucks, we'll have this baby rolling by July. If y'all can send a bit more, we could even have a Kinky Friedman action figure by the fall.
Start your checkbooks ladies and gentlemen. Please click here to contribute

Cleve Hattersley
Campaign Kinky

I will keep you posted, especially with any Swag Wagon sightings. Go Kinky!