Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Standby for heavy rolls as the ship comes about

I have sufficiently recovered from the Bacchanal on the Comal to have regained my senses. Check the link for the latest on the Par-Tay!

Blogfests are a lot like family reunions. Family reunions are a lot like a ship tossed about on rough seas. Tension always abounded when I was at sea and the ship would come about to turn her forecastle into the wind. There is sufficient tension to increase the conversation and the decibel level when having major discussions regarding those usually verboten subjects of religion and politics. There are new faces to greet and familiar ones with which to re-acquaint oneself. One thing that I enjoyed the most was the camaraderie that one recognizes when engaged in conversation. Although it wasn't an outright blue norther, the good ship Sycamore was tossed about a bit in the sea of conversation, plenty of unique adult beverages and perfectly barbequed mammal flesh.

I have discovered something new that I want to share with everyone. When you want to get someone's attention during a heated debate conversation make your point using a subdued voice. When levels of conversation escalate, it's not who can shout the loudest that makes his point. It is the one who is listened to that makes his point. If your voice level is below the din, then your words are heard, instead of the loudness of the presentation.

Try it the next time you are discussing something about which you are either adamant or passionate. Then you can drop me a comment about it and it will be reinforcement that this is one more universal truth upon which this old sea-dog has stumbled.

"YAR!" however, must still be voiced above the din of the crowd!