Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Kitten says, "My country is a litter box!"

El Capitan has officially wigged out. Check out that link, it's insane in a kittycat kind of way.

Which reminded me that folks who are "Cat Bloggers" must be cat lovers (duh!), and I received this uncredited photo from EllDee which also reminded me that this feline attraction thing is universal!

Tell you what, anyone who says our troops in Iraq are there for the wrong reasons, can just look at this man gently petting a kitten. The juxtaposition of the fighting soldier against human love cannot be ignored.

Awww, I have fond memories of scootching a balloon across the rug and attaching it to our cat's back. Try it! It is especially entertaining when it is punctured by their claws and pops. Man, I am going to go to hell for sure for that stunt … but I was just a kid, so purgatory maybe.