Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Taking Texas back - fiction versus reality

This is straight from the horse's mouth. I tell ya, he has a strong message: "…it's time to let common Texans have a hand in making Texas great again!" I read his final commentary in Texas Monthly Magazine last month, where he apologizes for killing off the hero of his novels, and offers an explanation by way of paralleling Sherlock Holme's author, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's decision to do the same. If you haven't actually read Doyle, you need to; as well as Edgar Rice Burrough's Tarzan series of books. I re-read the Tarzan series a couple of years ago and couldn't put them down. But that is fiction, and this, dear reader, is reality.

Hi Folks,
As a campaign, we ask a lot of our fellow Texans. We ask that you register to vote. We ask that you not vote in the primaries. We ask you to hold your vote for Kinky. And, of course, we always ask the god of your choice to bless you.

Today we have a very important request of all you Kinky supporters: we need you to show your support for HB 1721, a bill now in committee that could seriously improve Kinky's chances of getting on the ballot in 2006. If this bill were to pass, not only could we start collecting ballot signatures for Kinky in January, instead of March, but anyone could sign the petition, whether they vote in the primaries, or not.

HB 1721 is currently being held up in committee, by Madame Chair, Mary Denny - likely with help from fellow committee members. We need y'all to write or call either Madame Chair or any of the committee members to let them know how important it is to you that they pass this bill into law.

Show this committee how it works. Call these folks now. Tell them you want them to pass this bill. Show them who runs this state: the people of Texas.

Committee Member

Rep. Mary Denny, Committee Chair
(512) 463-0688
(972) 724-8477
Rep. Dwayne Bohac, Vice-Chair
(512) 463-0727
(713) 460-2800
Rep. Todd Smith
(512) 463-0522
(817) 283-3131
Rep. Rafael Anchía
(512) 463-0746
(214) 943-6081
Rep. Charles "Doc" Anderson
(512) 463-0135
(254) 754-3892
Rep. Bryan Hughes
(512) 463-0271
(903) 935-1141
Rep. Jesse Jones
(512) 463-0664
(214) 375-3773

I will be spending some time "smiling and dialing," this week and next week, letting them know that HB 1721 should be passed, forthwith! You fellow Texans take heed. Kinky is serious and so is Texas politics. Even more so than Odessa Permian High School football on a Friday night.

I am headed for New Braunfels Thursday through Monday, so blogging will be sparse at best; after all, my granddaughter's (codename: Dunky) 2nd birthday deserves some attention as does Stomps With Foot. I promise pictures!