Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Inaugural Texas Hill Country Tunes, Toobs and Targets Blogfest

There is a move afoot. It all started when El Capitan and Dash Riprock sat down at James Coney Island a couple of weeks ago, to wolf down some of the finest chili dogs in the world. I can vouch for them as well, because more than 40 years ago (sheesh where does time go?) I, too, was up to my neck in that epicurean delight – foot-long dogs and chili with "awn-eee-yawns." Man, I can almost taste them now; but I digress. The highlight of the weekend was being able to hook-up with Dash Riprock, sit in the rocker's on my front porch down in God's backyard – Brew Naunfels, share some Shiner Bock and slam more than one can of Guinness while we ate pizza and solved the problems of the world.

My "third" son, Stuart, always hoists the Jolly Roger when I am in town – a warning signal to the neighborhood that the Cap'n is in town. He is the perfect host, after years of training from this pirate, and he made the visit with Dash even more fun. Dash and I rocked and sipped and continued the conversation he and El Capitan had about someone hosting a blogfest somewhere this summer, and it became a cocklebur that attached itself to my brain. Like a tick on a dog, it wouldn't let go. And so, it has blossomed into an idea that will take some real work to pull off. The Texas Blogfest will be a hard act to follow. And that reminded me of LC Beth, Lord Spatula and, of course, Emperor Misha, Denita Two Dragons and Mamamontezz. A flood of wonderful memories and an opportunity to further the ever expanding universe of the blogosphere.

I visited with LC Beth yesterday and asked her for help with a creative name for the event, and for the life of me, I cannot remember what she suggested. Seems I forgot to write it down on a yellow-sticky and have slept since then. I didn't really like the idea of naming it after myself, although the original thought was to call it ZiPpo's Inaugural Hill Country Beer-bongs and Thongs Blogfest it became clear to me (after discussing it with Mrs. Stomps With Foot - who stomped with foot) that a moniker of that ilk would make me the host for all time. Woot! Well, I didn't see anything wrong with that … although she must have … my response to her stomping was that male-to-female query – "What?"

Inaugural Texas Hill Country Tunes, Toobs and Targets Blogfest! Name subject to change, as will the artwork I am creating. Now if Miss LC Beth wasn't out getting "pampered," I could get on with it. UPDATE: LC Beth is a blessing!

If you are interested in attending, please leave a comment, and I will tally the score after a week or so and post some plans or just send the entire idea to Davy Jones' Locker. Oh, it is tentatively scheduled for the last weekend in June … but that is, of course, subject to change.