Friday, April 01, 2005

The light and the magic

I am setting a course for Chicago on Saturday, and will be returning Sunday evening. Yet another lost weekend. If I added up all the lost weekends I have spent working this year it would be about 20. That's 40 days of "extra" work time, that is expected of me. The bulk of these lost weekends occurred during a three-month video shoot that I produced. On The Road Again, that Willie Nelson song just keeps on playing in my head. This trip is for a photo-shoot at Fox River Resort. I know, it's really a dirty job, but only I get to do it. I checked the Chicago-area weather forecast for the weekend - in a word: dreary. So I will take advantage of the rain and cloudy weather to find as many MONEY shots as I possibly can, under less-than-favorable conditions. I only have to shoot one "required" shot, the rest is going to be to gather resources for future projects.

Funny how I always approach these shoots. I arrive, after a few hours drive from an airport, and, if there is daylight, I shoot "insurance" shots. This is a proven methodology; one never knows what tomorrow will bring – it could be rain, clouds, wind or snow. Freezing, in time and space, a photograph that captures the moment glimpsed through a wash of light. I do it instinctively now, after more than 30 years of being a "shooter." I bought my first Nikon when deployed to the Far East back in 1970. Now, I use a Nikon D1 - with a 2GB flash card. But the magic of capturing the light still brings me a thrill and delight that cannot be verbalized. It's just magic.

I can easily understand the niaveté of the Native Americans when they believed their "soul" was captured by a photograph – and feared photography. In a way, they were right. What is not understood, technologically, is magic.

It's all about the light. And the magic of the capture.