Wednesday, April 06, 2005

For the glory of the Empire


UPDATE: Front row, left to right: Desdemona, LCBeth. Back row, left to right: El Capitan, ZiPpo

El Capitan (pictured on the left), who has graciously been coerced accepted command the flagship, and I (pictured on the right), are making all preparations to set sail from the Port o' Galveston, after properly Shanghaiingrecruiting a few good sailors and wenches to crew and amuse her. All Loyal Citizens are herewith requested to join us on this treacherous mission.

Our course is set for Montreal, via Key West (where we will make port and take on provisions - Margaritas and Cheeseburgers in Paradise - then north from the Caribbean to the Atlantic Ocean. We will sail in stealth mode along the East Coast, to the St. Lawrence River where we shall mount our attack on the heathen Canadians. Before we begin the cruise go here. and save your best work on a white background. Send it to me via so's we kin add ye to the crew for first muster.

The crew is anxious to get underway, after a night of drinkin' and whorin.' Before the sun reached the mizzenmast they were slowly approaching His Majesty's – Emperor Darth Misha I – latest triple secret weapons – the mighty fleet of ZiPpo. With much effort they struggled to balance themselves along the gangplank to request permission to come aboard.

We must sail with all due haste. So yer joinin' us is of great importance to the Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler Empire.

God Save Darth Misha I, Emperor of all the Universe (and outlying counties). We shall put to the sword all who oppose us. Please pass this on to all Loyal Citizens of the Empire.