Monday, April 11, 2005

Canada Surrenders - No Shots Fired

This, from CBC News offers this tidbit. April 7, 2005: Justice John Gomery lifts the publication ban on much of Jean Brault's testimony. He tells the inquiry that he was repeatedly asked to give cash donations to the Liberal party and put election workers on his payroll in exchange for federal sponsorship contracts.

'T would seem that word of our pending mission to liberate Canada leaked out, and that was sufficient to quell the heathen Canadian Justice John Gomery's planned secrecy surrounding the scandal.

Alas, the crew was and remains ready, we shall therefore set sail for Key West primarily for provisions to make Margaritas and Cheeseburgers. Yar, to me crew, and thank ye verily! Our first stop will be N'awlins! Where my Mrs. Stomps With Foot and I shall celebrate our 35th anniversary for three daze!

Now, liberty call, liberty call …

And a repeat of our 21-gun salute to Captain Ed.