Monday, March 07, 2005

Those wonderful Bavarians!

I have a friend in Bavaria named Heribert Thöne. He is one of those rare individuals that make you feel like you have known them for years as soon as you become acquainted. I play Ghost Recon with him on a regular basis and have for the past couple of years.

Heribert floating the Danube

Notice the similarity I think they are twin sons of different mothers.

He sent me some photos, taken this past Sunday, March 7, 2005, in sub-freezing (15˚F/-9˚C) weather, that show him swimming in the Blue Danube, in the heart of Bavaria. The water temperature was around 39˚F/4˚C.

I asked him why, and here is his reply:

We do it, because 8 years ago one of the founders of the local Bavarian life-saving organization (called the Wasserwacht, kind of lifeguard organization like Baywatch) here in Straubing, died. To honor him, we started this swimming event one year after his death. We call this event "Siegfried-Kraus, Sr.-Gedaechtnisschwimmen" (maybe it is translated like Siegfried-Kraus, Sr.-Memorial Swimming).

The event takes place every year on the first Sunday in March in the river Danube (Donau) in Straubing, Bavaria,Germany.

Informations on Straubing is here. Then go to Tourismus/Videoclips, there you'll find a real good movie about Straubing.

Information about the Wasserwacht is here. You'll find some pictures when you click on the links below the title "Aktuelle Berichte"

Sorry, but all the links are in German but I guess you'll find out what they mean.

Here are some photos of the event.

Heribert will now be known as the Bavarian David Hasselhoff.

Now, I ask you, How cool is that!