Monday, March 14, 2005

Those bush stumps don't stand a chance!

Mrs. Stomps With Foot spent the weekend trying to uproot a couple of bushes that we whacked back to the ground last summer. All that was left of these towering (8-feet) bushes were the stumps and the fingers that rose about two-feet above the ground. She got out the shovel and started digging around the stumps, gleefully piling up the rich soil on the driveway. Cutting off what she could with the pruners. She is dead-set on planting a garden of annuals in the place of these onery stumps.

She reappeared at the sun-room door after an hour or so and asked, "Where's the saw?" I told her to check my office tool stash and to look for the tree-saw. She returned with the hacksaw and asked, "Will this work?" "Well, honey, it's for cutting metal, but it will probably work. What you really need, though, is the tree-saw." With that said, she found the tree-saw and took both outside. She then commenced sawing on the remaining above-ground trunkage.

SWF spent the weekend wrestling with the stumps. I went out and did a bit of poking around with the shovel and those stumps are practically as hard as iron and almost as hard as her head! I told her she should stop wasting here time and energy on that project, especially after she got a nasty limb "snap-back" onto her left arm. That definitely left a bruise, and a cut.

The first time she asked me about removing the stumps I told her we needed about three good Mexicans yard-men. After further assessing the situation I suggested she call a stump-grinder professional out and get the dang things removed. I need her to have all her limbs, I don't care about the shrub's limbs!