Monday, March 14, 2005

This makes perfect sense … NOT!

The headline on Yahoo this morning reads:
Ga. Courthouse Reopens Amid Tight Security

Followed with the byline: ELIOTT C. McLAUGHLIN, Associated Press Writer.

Mr McLaughlin then proceeds to tell the reader about how nervous all the workers are at the Fulton County Courthouse and that it has " … reopened under heightened security in the wake of the slayings of a judge, deputy and court reporter three days earlier."

I think it is insane that the reaction of Georgia's officials after this kind of bizarre case, is to make people queue for half-a-block waiting to get cleared through security checkpoints. The horse has already left the barn, for God's sake!

Oh, wait, I get it! They're trying to prevent another attack by further inconveniencing those who work at and use the courthouse by increasing security; this way the local populace won't be reminded that it was a huge security lapse that allowed this to happen in the first place! After all, they must've had NO security for this tragedy to happen, and if one increases security, well, then the problem that caused the tragedy will be overlooked. Right?

The perp, Brian Nichols has been captured. That's good news. Now back to the queue for more security checkpoints. I always feel safer after the barn door is closed and security checkpoints reinforced. Does this scenario seem familiar to anyone else, or is it just me?