Monday, March 21, 2005

Texas Blogfest! What a hoot!

El Capitan arrived Friday afternoon for our weekend excursion to the long-awaited and much anticipated Texas Blogfest. It was, of course, even better than I anticipated. Cap and I walked into Humperdink's and my eyes met Mamamontezz's. Instant recognition! Clasping hand shakes, giving hugs and generally sharing in the festivities, I can say that Lord Spatula and LCBeth put together a fantastic shindig in Dallas.

Pictured above, Lord Spatula and Mamamontezz manning the live-blog web-cam, Friday night!

Pictured above, Lord Spatula and Denita Two Dragons - No they were not upside down!

I took my Macintosh PowerBook, opened her up and she immediately found the wireless connection. No fuss, no muss - logged in and started passing her around. Every die-hard PeeCee user, to a man (or woman) drooled over her fine design and ease of use. Seems there may be some converts from the Texas Blogfest! Yar!

Nice tight grouping here! Gathered around the web-cam for the live-blogging event.

LCBeth was there for an hour or so, then off to DFW airport to pick up more attendees! She and Spats did a fantastic job of coordinating the insanity! Thank ye verily!

My new friend Andy, showed up in the proper attire - wearing his kilt. Loved it. Here is a photo of El Capitan and Andy!

Where Right meets Left.

Susan Nunnely (New York actress, via New Mexico) showed up and passed out "Count Me Red" (as in Red State) wristbands. We all promptly put them on (except Blue State Mind stuck in Red State - Andy). I wish he had pulled it on so I could have had a photo of that!

Saturday, Lord Spatula concocted a fantastic pot of stew and we got stewed as well. Went through 50 Cohiba's (La Habana, Cuba) and commisserated with Humble Devildog and the rest of the crew for hours. Humble Devildog treated us to two bottles of 25-year-old scotch, which I must say, really made it nice to be smoking Cuban cigars. Humble Devildog is the kind of man that once you meet, you like! Smart as a whip, and it was a true pleasure to meet him. Even LCBeth sucked one down. But I have to tell ya, she really needs more practice at keeping it lit - consant, gentle sucking is apparently an acquired methodology which she must perfect.

Deathknyte was able to travel back to Wisconsin with a box of Cohiba's for his dad. My pleasure!

From left to right - BOTTOM ROW:  Lord Spatula's dog, Pup-Pup, Humble DevilDog, Imperial Serving Wench (and co-organizer) Beth, Lord Spatula, ZiPpo the Pirate (Arrrrrrr!), Delftsman. TOP ROW:  Eric (Denita's husband and the father of the cutest little boy), El Capitan, Denita and the aforementioned toddler, Emperor Darth Misha I, Random Numbers and the Random Spouse, Mama Montezz.

I pooped- opted-out of joining the gang for the shootfest at the D/FW Shooting Range and spent the day recovering from too much fun!

Thank you all - you made for a memorable inaugural Texas Blogfest! And thank you, Mamamontezz!