Thursday, March 17, 2005

The serenade of the barking moonbats

No barking moonbat comments about the Senate approval of the opening Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) to oil and gas exploration will prevent it from happening, they should have spoken up sooner; let their representatives know how they felt. The refuge is about the size of South Carolina (dinky) and extends a bit more than 19-million acres in northeastern Alaska. Drilling would only occur in ANWR's 1.5-million acre coastal plain. It seems like the moonbats are conjuring up pictures of Spindletop.

There will be no wild wells spewing forth as there was when the oil and gas industry was not regulated. That is sooo 1901! So 104 years ago.

Not going to happen, there will be strict guidelines regarding the size of the drilling unit, 40 to 640 acres, per unit, maybe even larger. It all depends on efficient recovery management.

Seward's folly, indeed, our biggest folly would be to not take advantage of this nation's natural resources

Look people, a drill site is not very large. Sure you have to bring in a thribble or a fourable - depending on the well's drilling-depth target, dig mud pits, and operate the exploration, but it's not like we are going to poison the area. I have drilled for oil and gas, and been an oil and gas operator in the Ft. Worth Basin in the past. Environmental rules and regulations from the Texas Railroad Commission are very strict, and any conscientious operator knows what needs to be done to protect the drill site.

Republicans put the ANWR provision in the budget resolution because budget bills cannot be filibustered under Senate rules, as Democrats the barking moonbats had threatened if any measure that allowed drilling in the refuge was tendered. The budget resolution only needs a simple majority for passage, instead of the 60 votes needed to end a filibuster on other bills.

Drilling supporters also argued ANWR could eventually boost U.S. oil supplies by an extra 1 million barrels per day, reducing U.S. dependence on oil from those ever so American loving folks in the Middle East. The United States consumes about 20.8 million barrels of oil a day and imports account for 58 percent of supply. Get a grip … focus.

Seems one is already barking at the moon and whining about progeny not being able to visit that fine pristine area of the Alaskan frontier and thumping on H2 owners.

Here is A REAL HUMMER! Probably holds 100 and took 99 cars off the road in the process:

Read Michelle Maklin's take on the latest flap-du-jour from our barking bretheren, who are sure to begin baying, in droves, about the oil and gas exploration in Alaska

Yeah, right, like they were going to go the the frozen tundra for a picnic any time soon, or ever for that matter. It is a mosquito infested, fly-ridden, biting insect haven for God's sake, and that is only about three months of the year when it is hospitable to humans. Sheesh. Show me your ticket to Alaska you enviro-nazis, then get the hell outta Dodge and go up there to picket and complain, as is your right as an American.

The leasing has yet to begin - it's estimated lease profits will be five-billion dollars – the exploration is years away. By then gasoline prices will have skyrocketed. Oil is already knocking on the $60/bbl door. Rapping your bloody knuckles on a tree might help you feel better, but I feel better already; knowing that we will at least reduce some dependence on foreign oil.

Map of the ANWR 1002 area. Dashed line labeled Marsh Creek anticline marks approximate boundary between undeformed area (where rocks are generally horizontal) and deformed area (where rocks are folded and faulted). Boundary is defined by Marsh Creek anticline along western half of dashed line and by other geologic elements along eastern half of dashed line. Exploration wells are coded to show whether information from them was available for the 1987 USGS assessment of in-place petroleum resources. Dashed red line shows the offshore extent of the entire assessment area. Map from USGS Fact Sheet 0028-01.

Maybe we should annex Iraq and call it New Texas; screw the plans for retreat "disengaging," after all, our military bled and died there and continues to do so. That should keep the barking moonbats at bay – engage them in a debate about annexation, after all, that's what the war in Iraq is really about according to the left-wing democrats that know not of which they speak. but that is not unusual is it?

In the meantime, the barking moonbats should gaze upon my hero, Penn … (unabashadly taken liberated from American Drumslinger".