Friday, March 04, 2005

Pirates, paraphernalia and Bathtub Rat Socials

El Capitan posted his latest addition to his pirate shrine on his blog today. Yar, set course his blog entry while I bring the ship about to head for the nearest comic book/action figure dealer. I am going to have to lub some land for some more personal pirate booty.

Way back in December, 2003, Mrs. SWF and I sailed to Nassau, Bahamas - and there is an old saying round those parts, "When pirates die, they don't go to heaven, they go to Nassau." I was on a quest for booty: 3-foot x 5-foot Jolly Rogers for all my gaming buddies and what better place to find them than in Pirate Heaven. Alas, and alack, none were to be found on the entire island. Sold out! Every store, every back alley market, none were to be found. Instead, I settled for a dozen or so 6-inch tall flag pole/with stands/ and 3-inch by 5-inch Jolly Rogers, which I deemed to be sufficient booty, and which were duly forwarded to me mates - from the West Coast to Germany.

So it came to be
Back in December, Two Thousand Three
El Capitan, delivered unto me
This photo of his prized booty .

'Tis but the right half, ye see,
Alas, the shrine's shown but partially
With ne'er appearin' that which be
The left side of his bounty.

Yar, I be rhymin'. I strongly suspect there were some nekked and bound wimmen on the left half, kept as trophies.

Now, as you can see, this is one helluva collection. Gotta love that man, he knows of which he speaks!

In the same vein, Mamamontezz responded to my question about the Bathtub Rat Social for her newest and cutest (named after Beth, Queen of the parenthetical). Now this is an education! I learned something new today, and after thinking about it, Mamamontezz is spot on with her analogy, to wit I have pirated this photo from Mamamontezz's blog along with her explanation.

Pictured above is Beth-in-waiting. Five-Star pre-social accommodations. My question to Mamamontezz was about the purpose of the Bathtub Rat Social.

Here is her reply, for your edumikashun, and jes in case ye may be needing to know in the future.

Well, the Bathtub Rat Social is a secret party, set up by the Human Servants of said rats.  See, ratties are social, but really territorial, much like Pirates.  One rat/pirate wanders into the territory of another, and there's bound to be bloodshed.  You can relate.
So the Human Servants (cabin boys et all for the pirates) search high and low for a neutral place for them to meet. But alas, there are no Rat Taverns, especially in Indianapolis where tolerance is not what it should be. So we are forced to use what we can find at hand. A bathtub.  Actually I've heard that in Singles Pirate Resorts, the Hot Tub is used pretty much the same way.
Then when all are acquainted and moderately friendly, they can be trundled off to the same cage to live happily ever after.  Yarr.

Methinks Mama be a pirate wench, kept against her will, in El Capitan's booty shrine!