Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Pirates and their wenches!

Blow me down! My previous post about my pirate ancestry has yielded a most unexpected treasure. This comment, from my long lost who knows what kind of first, second or third cousin; once, twice or thrice removed. I am hopeful that she will send me an email, (see my Profile, Jennifer).

Well, I stumbled on your postings.
I, too, am a descendent of Arsene LeBleu. He was my great-great-great grandfather. I descend through his son's daughter's son's son. That would be Arsene Carmarsac LeBleu's son: Arsene LeBleu's daughter: Catherine M. LeBleu's son: William LeBleu Oakes'son: Shelby T. Oakes, who is my father.

It is nice to read your postings. I was never told about Arsene LeBleu growing up. I knew that my dad was cousins to the LeBleu's in Vernon Parish and that my grandfather carried the name. I remember hearing that if we looked very far into our ancestry, that we might find out that we had pirates in our background. I was really excited to see the photographs. Do you have more information or photos? I grew up in DeRidder but have resided in Shreveport for the last 30-years. I recently visited the geneology library in Lake Charles. It did nothing more than whet my appetite to hear and know more.


Whodathunkit? My post about my ancestral pirate family, the illustrious Captain Arsene LeBleu has netted a cousin, about my age. I have more information for her, I just hopes she returns to this particular harbor and reads this post.

I shared her comment with my sister, codename: Tadabug; who promptly replied to my email with this mysterious shot across me bow:

" … you are headed into very, very treacherous waters!"

Well, shiver me timbers! Parlez Parlez! This will be fun, especially since I love stirring things up! I am thinking bastard sons and daughters sired by some itteration of the Carmarsac's. The results of this flap-du-jour should prove most interesting to this particular pirate, considering the promiscuous behavior of the scurvy dogs. Ah, pirates and their wenches!

Standby for heavy rolls as the ship comes about.