Monday, March 14, 2005

McCoy looked at Kirk and said, …

"He's dead, Jim," said SWF on Saturday morning. She was sitting quite still by her Lime RevB iMac and staring out the patio door to her "fairy garden." "What?" I inquired, as I poured myself a cup of Joe, and glancing up through though the opening from the kitchen to the sun room.

"My iMac is dead, " she replied, barely able to keep her take on this tragedy under control. "It's all because you told it to go to "sleep."

Ok, here's some background, folks, it wasn't my fault, really. Two weeks ago, SWF sat down at the iMac and got a dialog box that said,
There is really some bad stuff going on with this machine. It needs attention NOW.

OK, OK, I am the first to admit that I have neglected the houskeeping chores on that old machine. It only runs Mac OS 9.2.2, and she has been keeping it on, 24/7 since last year, because of the neglect and constant reboot required when there are MAJOR DISK ERRORS. So, I started trouble shooting. Remember, this was two weeks ago. First, I suggested she rebuild the desktop. "Wha?" was her reply. I sat down at the old Lime iMac, carressed her gentle curves to re-establish rapport and restarted, invoking the command+option keys on reboot to rebuild the desktop. No good. I assured the iMac that I did, indeed, wish to rebuild the desktop but it refused. Once again it displayed it's dialog box requesting I bring out the big guns to help it.

SWF never throws anything away, and that is a good thing. We found an OS 9 version of Norton's Disk Doctor and I inserted the CD, restarted while holding down the C key and waited. Nothing. Nothing but a flashing folder with a question mark. Hmmmmm. I restarted two more times, holding down the C key to boot from the CD before it took hold. YES! Ran Disk Doctor. MAJOR ERROR, blah blah in bTree... do you want me to fix it? Yes, I replied. Then I received the dreaded, "Disk Doctor can't fix this mofo, shall I try again?" YES. Please, please, please fix it.

I went through the process about five times and it finally fixed all the extents and bizarro problems that it found. I restarted the iMac and it gave me the flashing folder with a question mark again. Reaching back to a long un-accessed portion of my brain, I remembered about "blessing the System Folder." Gotta tell you though, I pulled that one straight out of my ass. "You are a genius!" exclaimed SWF. It worked and I started cleaning out the hard drive, throwing away extensions and control panels that she would never need. Exensions, remember extensions? I booted with the OS 9 extensions only, and everything was fine and dandy, until Friday, when I suggested we tell the iMac to go to sleep after 30-minutes of inactivity.

Well, it went to sleep Friday night - probably sighing in relief as it was finally able to "switch-off" to sleep mode. Doink … deader than a doornail Saturday morning. I checked the power strip. Nothing. Unplugged and replugged and hit the power-on button. Nothing, no response. No power at all, not even the mouse laser was shining.

Well, SWF, he is dead. I will take him in tomorrow for a new power supply. She loves that iMac, and it's a lot less money to fix him than to go buy a new G5 iMac (which is what she needs).

In the meantime, she has an account on my G5 iMac, has dutifully begun using Safari and learning about tabbed browsing. She is going to hate going back to OS 9.2.2 when the iMac has a new power supply, but at least she will feel at home with Microsoft Explorer.