Thursday, March 10, 2005

Awww, my heart is doing the happy-feet dance!

Daughter unit: new codename: Mother Ship, sent me some photos of little Miss Bennett Renée! Wow! Mother Ship has a great eye - she undoubtedly gets it from me, but I just had to share a couple of them with you, along with editorial comments, as usual.

Bennett is almost two-years-old. With baby number two due in May. Now that will be an adjustment, as it is for all siblings when they realize they are not the center of their known universe. I think Bennett will handle a new arrival with style and grace! Righhhht!

Solid composition. Visually-striking grayscale with the chair and the shutters in the scene. Compare with the close-up below.

Capturing that moment of combined mischief and curiosity when Bennett is about to "hop down" (just a guess) from her throne to go grab the camera lense. A beautiful shot, especially with her hand on the chair arm, the open mouth and the implied impending approach. Man, I gotta get a sniff of that girl! I am having granddaughter-sniffing withdrawals. She smells scrumptious.

I love this shot! How much fun is that! Water to play with! When was the last time someone put you in the sink for a quick bath? And then picked you up and dried you off and dressed you! Well, that's too long, my friend.