Friday, February 04, 2005

Verily, I say unto thee...

I received a question from Beth this morning, and found it to be blogfodder.

So... I forgot to ask... how do you feel about all the time Jimmy's been spending on the country charts lately? I kinda like it, but... some Parrot-heads might not be happy about it.

I couldn't be happier for Jimmy's recent success on the country charts. It's about time he got the recognition he deserves - Grammy's and all. Be that as it may, I don't go see JB for the country songs, it's all about being faithful to our roots as Parrotheads. It's the party in the parking lot, drinking Coronas, making frozen margaritas, cooking the cheesburgers in the parking lot, - the comaraderie and the Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefer Band music that makes us Parrotheads.

In one of his songs he says, "I have never, ever won an award for my music, and I don't really care, as long as I have fans like Parrotheads." That is no longer the case, with his License To Chill album which has garnered him an even larger paycheck, just for having the best summer job a man could ask for.

In fact, I skipped his last concert at Texas Stadium last year because I couldn 't convince myself that I would enjoy it - country songs are country songs and island songs are island songs. How they ever got together is a mystery to me. Besides, the venue suxors, it is too big and diminishes that intimate feeling one gets when he performs in the smaller venues... when one side of the lawn sways left and the other sways right when singing Fins to the left... fins to the right.

Short answer, it sux and I am not happy about "it," but I am happy for him. Quite a dichotomy, though, isn't it!

Thank ye verily, Beth, for today's blogfodder!