Thursday, February 24, 2005

Traffic in Dallas, wait, there is NO TRAFFIC

I usually leave for work about 6:00 a.m., every day. It was raining pretty hard this morning and although the visibility sucked, I took my time, left plenty of space between my front bumper and the rear bumper in front of me. The bad part was when an 18-wheeler was alongside me in an adjacent lane and dispersing that 360-degree blinding mist that comes from the tires. I backed off to let him pass me, then I passed him when his lane bogged down. I was being very aware of my surroundings on I-635, a.k.a. LBJ Freeway, this morning.

Seems like living in Dallas is starting to get to me, what with the traffic on LBJ, dealing with the High Five construction for the past three years (it is still not finished - only three more years to go) and the 40-mile round-trip commute to work every day, and generally having to look out for the idjits that share the same road with me.

I got to work about 6:25 a.m., and my partner in Art Department crime, codename: Desdemona, got here at 7:00 a.m. and asked me if I saw the wreck on LBJ this morning. I said, "No, it was pretty uneventful today." She then proceeded to tell me about an 18-wheel gasoline tanker truck that was east-bound on LBJ that crashed into the median, broke through the median and landed belly-up on the west-bound side with its cab headed east. It did a total flip-flop.

My friend Trent Hebrlee took these photos which are all © 2005. All rights reserved.

Looking north at Valley View Mall.

Mmmmmm … foam. Belly up.

Freeway is still shut down, some seven hours later. This is looking east.

Not a speck of traffic, this is looking west.

Note the tanker in the east-bound lane facing west, offloading the fuel from the tanker in the west-bound lane.

Damn, I love high-density traffic areas.

Thanks Trent! We don't need no steenkin' $afeClear in Dallas, we've got lane bouncing, belly-flipping gasoline tanker trucks and idjits for commuters.

As long as I am at least one car-length ahead of any wreckage I will be staying in Dallas. If, as and when I get stuck behind, or underneath one of these I think I will move to the Hill Country.