Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Thundersticks and blazing eyes

Stomps With Foot

SWF has decided that it is time to invoke her codename, and disallow an invitation to 52 folks come to our humble-yet-roomy teepee to celebrate a couples wedding shower for my son and his fiancée in April. She is not without emotions on this issue. And she is making a stand - whether or not it is a Custer-like stand remains to be seen. Wait! Custer lost that battle, and SWF is definitely related to Kicking Bird - this is a no-brainer.

We will be celebrating our 35th wedding anniversary and her birthday in N'awlins during that particular weekend, eating our way across the Vieux Carre, visiting art galleries, eating our way across the Vieux Carre, sightseeing, eating our way across the Vieux Carre, shopping and getting lost in the French Market down on Decatur, eating our way across the Vieux Carre, and visiting Margaritaville® for a cheeseburger-in-paradise and one of Jimmy's perfect margaritas. We will be staying on Rue Royal at the Andrew Jackson House. N'awlins is alive with history, myth, music and a joie de vivre that can be found only on its time-worn streets. For sightseeing, for food, for history or for frivolity, the French Quarter is a favorite escape for SWF and me. But I am getting off track a bit.

Daughter-unit, codename: SweetieOne, wants to give my eldest-son-unit, codename: Jaeger, and his bride-to-be, a couples wedding shower. She is always thinking of others, is a responsible parent in her own right, and asked permission from SWF to hold the shindig at our home. SWF was concerned about a pregnant SweetieOne making the drive to and from New Braunfels two weekends in a row, among other things, and thought long and hard about the request; probably one-millisecond - then made up her mind, NO!

Okay, hmmmmm. I have no problem with it and explained to her why I thought it would be fine. SWF has a problem with it, something about enabling. Guess who wins!

I think I see some wagons high-tailing it off in the distance and an angry herd of buffalo headed their way - no, it's just SWF with her thunderstick and blazing eyes.