Friday, February 18, 2005

Never had one like it, now I need another

There is a hair-cutting salon, down in New Braunfels, that Mrs. Stomps With Foot and I visited last fall. Probably in November. That was the last time I had a haircut. It is the William Edge Salon - an escape from the ordinary. Remember that name. Go to their website and gaze in wonder - I get distracted easily.

The woman girl (20-something) that cut my hair was a Gothicly-inclined sytlist IMedge Designer. She didn't take any crap and gave me some back when I sassed her, as is my pirate way. The thing about this particular salon is that you make an appointment, and come back later. You get a pre-haircut chair massage - shampoo with additional head massage - You get one helluva haircut and royal treatment. They explain what "product" they are using on your hair and why. No high-pressure sales, just an explanation that this stuff does such-and-such and this is why I am using it on you.

Goth-chick asked me how much I wanted off and after replying, "Bout quarter-inch," she verbally bitch-slapped me and said, "Stand up!" I obeyed. "You need at least two-inches off here in back, now stand still." Her "clippees" were flying left and right in an Edward Scissorhand kind of way as she would clip up some long locks to the to top of my head while she sorted out just the right combination of strands for her scissor-work.

She was right. By the time Mrs. SWF and I had finished, I was so relaxed that she could have taken off four inches and I would have been happy.

What makes me think of this now is that I need another haircut. I was going to let it grow until it stopped by itself, but it's getting a bit shaggy around the ears and temples.

I don't really see any other choice than going back to New Braunfels for another haircut at the salon, with Goth chick. It was the service, it was the ambience, it was the care that we experienced that makes me NOT want to settle for anything less.

Sheesh. A couple hundred bucks for airfare, car rental and a haircut. That salon really knows how to do it.

I am hooked. Even if I settle for a quick run up to the local stylist, I know I will be disappointed. Drat, and my ear hair needs a trim as well. Guess I could start cornrowing it while I think about this some more.