Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Flu, part Deux

I just realized that I could have gotten a flu vaccine... I turned 55 in December and that was the age cut-off here in Dallas County for those eligible to get injected with one of the few doses of vaccine that were available. Seems I forgot about turning 55. I think it was because I was 54 at the time they announced the shortage and the age restriction thing. Alas. Temperature is 101.2 now, down a lot since yesterday, but still feeling crampy and achy and fluey. Phooey on the fluey.

Funny thing about the flu, as opposed to a cold. When you come down with it, you know exactly when you got sick. Colds sneak up on you, while the flu slams you. It was 10:15 a.m., Monday when I realized I had the flu. I had a 12:00 p.m. meeting and presentation with 25 people - made it through that okay, then it was off to a ballroom to set up for an evening presentation to 125 people. I did the set-up, the rigging, the mic tests... then promptly crashed and missed the rest. Thank goodness my partner in the Art Department, code name Desdemona, was able to pick up for the evening and cover the event while I spiked a temp and slept.

Mrs. Stomps With Foot made me cancel my flight reservations for tomorrow - good thing too, because if you are not ill when you arrive at Atlanta Hartsfield airport, you will be by the time you make your connecting flight. So that cost me $50 (unless I can get a Doctor's note - go figure) and I will have to rebook to go see my cousin, Cecil, in Roanoke, Virginia.

Just shoot me ... while I sing the Feel Like I'm Fixin' To Die Rag. It was by Country Joe and the Fish... and it's one two three what are fighting for...

Damn, getting old is such a nuisance. Getting the flu is worse than a nuisance, although the delerium and hallucinations caused by the high fever would have been ok if I hadn't felt so bad.

I have slept about 48 hours straight and now feel the need to sit up and take some solid food. Mrs. SWF is being a great nurse, I just hope she doesn't come down with this. I haven't been sick a day in the past five years. Guess it finally caught up with me.

And in case you were wondering, Theraflu tastes pretty bad. I don't recommend it, instead I have resigned myself to letting this virus run its course. I am drinking lots of liquids, my teeth are chattering and my eyes ache.

Please don't slam the door when you leave.