Thursday, February 24, 2005

Brother and brother reunion!

Bro and wife

My younger brother, codename: El Wappo, arrived in Dallas from Puerto Rico, where he is currently employed. Having siblings is really a wonderful thing. I haven't seen him in 18 months or so and that is just way too long. He made me smile when I saw him. EW always had a good head on his shoulders, and has endured the raising of 3 children - all of whom I miss terribly.

You know, when one get's older, one tends to want everyone else to make the effort to call, visit, mail, send cards and just plain stay in touch. I rebuke myself for not taking this responsibility to heart, life is not a one-way street, and how often have you heard that? The phone works both ways - true?

We reviewed some of his latest photos on the internet. Pictures of his children enjoying themselves with boat drinks in Puerto Rico while sailing on a catamaran that was totally bodacious. Yar, hoist the mains'l and the Jolly Roger. Trim the jib and get me another Singapore Sling.

EW has a great eye for light - an attribute we share through photography, although he just shrugged it off, I was very impressed by his photographs. We went through a couple of hundred of them and there were at least three, in the first set, that made me want to pause and copy them. Wowzer.

He is heading for China next October and will be there for three weeks. I wish I could stow-away on that trip. Keep on keepin' on, bro, you are making me proud of ye!