Thursday, January 20, 2005

Texas Bluebonnet Tartan

My comrade-at-arms, El Capitan, has sent out his forces to seek and return an oriental gentlemen to fit him for his Texas Bluebonnet Tartan kilt. I can make it easy for ya, Cap! The Texas Bluebonnet Tartan is available in Plano! Sheesh, just 15 minutes from my home in Richardson. So if'n yer lookin' to kill two birds with one stone - get yer kilt and yer body inking up here in Dallas! Plenty of tat-meisters down in Deep Ellum!

Her name is Roxie and she will fit you during a pre-set appointment that will take an hour of your time. Looks like a full array of sporans, hose and flashes, sgian duhbs and dirks, and all things needed to make the bonnie-wee-lasses blush with pride.

Since the full regalia will set me back about a grand, I am going with the 13 oz. wool, after all, I will have to wait for the tax man to take his chunk of my change before I can order mine.

But you can bet your ass I will have my Texas Bluebonnet Tartan Kilt afore long, matey.