Friday, January 21, 2005

On addiction

I spent most of today fiddling with this site, adding stuff to the right-hand column and flitting around the web trying to learn how to post an animated gif file to this blog. No luck. Drat. Seems that the deeper I dig into other people's code, the deeper the hole I am digging. Ergo, the deeper the hole I dig, the deeper into other people's code I am digging. Answers are a lot like rainbows, they are there, but they are elusive and like tar-babies. Uncle Remus would be proud, Brer Bear!

I reserved my place at the TexasBlogfest 2005 , March 18-20 here in Dallas, and will be hosting El Capitan for the weekend festivities. I hope he brings a nice steak recipe - we will fire up the grill, sit on the patio, and smoke some Cohibas (fresh from Habana). These fine sticks ($35 per in London) come packed 25 to a box and were a gift to me from an unnamed source. I put the entire box on my scanner and … voila! God Bless unnamed sources!

We will make a run to the liquor store, score and enjoy some single-malt scotch. Really looking forward to his visit, and Stomps With Foot is too!