Monday, January 31, 2005


I had to work on Sunday, deep in the Piney Woods of East Texas. Mrs. Stomps With Foot and I drove out on Saturday to one of our resorts on Lake Palestine. We stopped in Canton for a bit of shopping (you have to go during First Monday Trade-days to do a LOT of shopping. It was a leisurely drive for us, just a couple of hours and we enjoyed visiting with each other on the way. Little did we know that there was a bass fishing tournament going on - and we were just across from our marina. Pick-up trucks and boat trailers stretched for about half-mile from the marina, on both sides of the two-lane blacktop that leads to the water's edge.

While we "chilled" and watched movies all day Saturday, these anglers, who are always in pursuit of the ever-elusive large-mouthed predator bass, chilled their collective asses in 40-degree overcast weather, 15 mph winds, complete with water spraying up, onto and over them for about 8-hours of unabashed fun.

Now, bass tournaments are a big deal. And it would seem that they are huge here in Texas. I know because I have been bitten by the bass-fishing bug in the past. Bass fishing is a multi-billion dollar business - whether it's forking over $4.95 for that chartruese spinner bait, or $49,500 for your bass boat rig, the monetary outlay is incredible. And all this for a $5,000 first-prize for the biggest-fish tournament.

Although everyone was smiling when they came to the big weigh-in, I had an even bigger smile on my face. I stayed inside, drank a Cosmopolitan and watched movies all day. Yay! Relaxing at it's best, with Mrs. With Foot.

Then Sunday arrived, we packed up and I went to work on a 15-minute photo shoot for the resort. Nothing to it. We were home by 2:00 p.m.

Nice weekend!